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Robert ‘Bob’ Fullem,
Founder and President

“I have so many wonderful biking memories: My Mom running alongside holding my bike as I gamely learned to ride. Later, riding my 3-speed ‘English Racer’ for summer evening water pistol fights with my brother. Then touring England with my Peugeot PX10 and riding throughout Southern Albany County and beyond on my full Campy chrome Frejus and road and track Paramounts; a 24-hour time-trial near Syracuse; touring the San Juan Islands and many camping trips through Vermont, the Finger Lakes and elsewhere with Marilyn or Don, Charlie and Steve; riding a tandem to Cooperstown and at many tandem rallies. Now it’s a Seven, and a folding Brompton for travel. And the life-long thrill continues.”

Adam Hahn

Adam is our manager and a bike lifer. Here’s why: “Bicycles have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. First just riding and racing, then working at a bike shop while in high school. During college at various locations, the one constant was repairing bicycles. For me, there is something incredibly gratifying about making them work well. Every Downtube customer has a connection to his or her bike and I enjoy being part of that. I can’t imagine doing anything else. This is why I do what I do.”

Lori McCaffrey

My favorite memories as a kid were riding my bike around the neighborhood with my friends. There was always a sense of adventure and freedom on those rides. It wasn’t until six years ago when I was side lined with a running injury that I rediscovered my love of riding and going on bike adventures. Now, I love riding my bike to stay healthy, be outdoors, and to explore new cities as I travel. I’m excited to help others discover their passion for riding, and I look forward to planning trips and events with the Downtube.